As a lifelong lumberjack, Steven knows the forest from the trees. But he also knows the trees – red and white oak, ponderosa pine, and you, err, yew. Anyway, when he’s not plucking the woods of its fibrous feathers, he enjoys planning Arbor Day celebrations and whittling artisanal toothpicks for the rich and famous. Steven’s life ambition is to develop an indestructible toothpick for the everyman that can be sustainably harvested from a pine tree, the needles of which will be an unparalleled detritus-cleaning instrument that renders the common man’s dental floss virtually obsolete. When he’s not thinking about timber, Steven builds acrostic puzzles using handcrafted mahogany letter tiles on a beech table while sitting in a cushioned ash chair. He lives in a mid-Manhattan high-rise with a small flock of Rhode Island Red laying hens and three rescued owlets.