Cinematic Acrostics

Published in 2021, Steven Blakely’s Cinematic Acrostics contains acrostic puzzles built around quotes from popular films. The movie titles span the gamut of genre and age, the oldest from the 1930s, and the book is sure to contain some of your favorites.

Some of the quotes will be recognizable, but hopefully others will be new to puzzlers. Despite being a themed book, there are only a couple movie-themed clues per puzzle, making the puzzles more accessible to puzzlers without an encyclopedic knowledge of the movies.

The difficulty level varies by puzzle and will challenge puzzlers with a variety of clue types and some multi-word answers. There are additional games for ambitious solvers at the end of the book.

The book is available from Amazon, and other booksellers.

Email if you have any thoughts or suggestions: (steve @ stevenblakelypuzzles . com)