Inaugural Acrostics

Published in 2019, Steven Blakely’s Inaugural Acrostics celebrates the Inaugural Addresses of the U.S. Presidents, from Washington to Trump.

A tad non-traditional as acrostic puzzles go (i.e., you know the authors and sources), the puzzles and their quotes open a window into the past and the issues and themes that were paramount for each President in his time. Many of the clues also pull from Presidential quotes and other themes of Americana.

The puzzles are of varying levels of difficulty, and there are additional games for ambitious solvers at the end of the book.

The book is available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, BetterWorldBooks, Abe Books, Books-a-Million, and other booksellers.

Looking for extra word puzzles for Inaugural Acrostics? Here are the 3-letter words found in the puzzle grids. And the solutions!

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